10 Fail-Proof Dance Moves That Will Work When You're High

The key is to do more than you believe you can do.

Dancing doesn't have to be hard. Just ask Drake. And, if you're worried about being too high and dancing too little, let me give you some advice: JUST FUCKING MOVE YOUR SHIT. It's fine...

Helpful tips:

1. Just Shake Your Fucking Body

2. Just Move Your Fucking Shoulders and Neck, Maybe Hands

3. Just Fucking Bobble and Snap

4. Just Fucking Pretend Your Legs are Snakes

5. Just Fucking Kick the Fucking Air

6. Just Open Wide and Fucking Snap Hard

7. Just Get Fucking Pumped and High Clap

8. Just Fucking Slap Your Inner Thighs (As Hard As You Can)

9. Just Get a Fucking Hat

10. Just Fucking Go With It