5 Strange Christmas Fetishes

It's nice to be naughty for the holidays—and a bit kinky.

Ho-ho-ho! It’s Christmas time—so why not explore some yuletide holiday fetishes? (Insert “Naughty or Nice” joke here.) As long as there are “people” and “things” out there, there will be “people” who have a particular sexual fetish for said “things.”

So here are a few sexual fetishes that might help you slide through the holiday season

Image via Blackwood/VSCO

Santa Fetish a/k/a Santaphilia

Santaphillia is a sexual fetish for all things Santa Claus. If you have this sexual fetish you basically want your stocking stuffed by St. Nick until you scream, “ho-ho-ho!” Remember how the song goes: “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus…” Guess what came next?

Image via Devra/Flickr

Tree Fetish a/k/a Dendrophilia

Dendrophilia is an abnormal attraction to trees that goes beyond botany. If you have this particular fetish, you are sexually attracted to your Christmas tree. So, when a person has dendrophilia, imagine what happens once the Christmas tree is decorated with dangling ornaments and not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse? Dendrophilia stems (so to speak) from the phallic shape of trees.

Paraphilic infantilism

Kids love Christmas. What better way to celebrate than by having a paraphilic infantilism fetish? If this is your fetish, you enjoy role-playing as an infant; which often involves wearing diapers, drinking from a bottle, and hanging out in an adult-sized playpen. Basically, regressing to an infant-like state turns you on. So imagine if you have Paraphilic infantilism, and the joy on your face when mommy tells you it’s Christmas Eve….

Image via Mark Baylor

Dwarf Fetish and Morphophilia

Who does Santa love most? Why it would be his little helpers, of course. And if you have a dwarf fetish—then you love your little helpers too! The proper term for a dwarf fetish is morphophilia, which is defined as: “a sexual interest in another who has greatly varying body proportions to oneself." With that in mind, “Santa’s little helpers” takes on a whole new meaning. Jingle all the way….

Image via Brh_Images/Flickr

Financial Domination

Okay, so you love the gift of giving. Right? In fact, you love it so much that you get off on giving presents and financial support to other people. Financial domination is basically spawned from the idea of making a Christmas list and then humiliating your secret Santa into giving you exactly what you want. Not only will you get that new bike you asked for—but also financial support; because showering you with dough gets someone off.