6 Non-Essential Apps That Do Essential Jobs for You

If you've got money, anything is possible.

It’s hard to decide how to use what little money you probably have. If you’re like me, you’d rather just do something yourself instead of paying an extra fee to have someone do it for you. But sometimes I’m so damn lazy and tired and I’m really into paying for convenience.

I suggest you download these apps, the kind where you have to pay for shit, because one day, I promise, you will be so glad they are on your phone. Sync up your credit card now so that when your moment of weakness occurs, you can get what you need impulsively, before you have time to turn back. 

Stop focusing on your weed delivery apps. There are so many more people who want to help you and want to take your money. 

1. Washio

For a hefty price, these people with wash your hefty loads. It’s a lot of money if you’re doing a lot of laundry, but at least they give you a free cookie.

2. Uber Eats

For a reasonable price, a driver will deliver you specialty food that is generally hot and delicious. Also, sometimes a cookie if you want it.

3. Tidy

A moderately priced in-home cleaning service that will show up within a few hours if you need it. You can be home or not; apparently people won't steal from you because you can sue them. 

4. Swifto

A dog walking app that lets you track the paid human who is walking your dog. Swifto will even send you pics of your happy dog mid-walk.

5. Handy

Have someone else patch all the holes you’ve punched in your walls for a medium-to-high price. Same day service. They'll paint your walls, which is by far the worst thing to do yourself.

6. Soothe

Fuck that tennis ball you’re rolling around with. Spoil yourself and have a masseuse come on over and get you rubbed down, for about the same-ish fee you’d pay at a spa, minus your own gas money.