7 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Chance the Rapper

#8: He is cooler than everyone else.

If you haven’t listened to Chance the Rapper’s latest album, Coloring Book, then you’re missing out. It’s undeniable that he’s one of the best rappers we’ve got, but there’s some special thing about him that seems to be infectious. With only a little digging, it’s clear that Chance is one of a kind.

And he’s been making moves without any backing from a major record label. Maybe it’s just because everyone just loves him.

Like me.

1. He makes hits.

He released his third mix tape at the end of May, with no major label, and critics loved it. So does everyone else. It’s great—and it’s one of those albums where every single song is good.

2. He can dance.

You know how Drake "shocked" everyone with his funny dance moves in "Hotline Bling"? That was tight, but Chance the Rapper actually dances like this IRL. He moves with sheer joy and happiness. His rump shaking and winged arm motions are highly contagious. Soon, we will all be dancing like Chance. 

3. He’s good live.

Okay, so Chance’s music sometimes seems a little Kanye, but that’s okay—because Kanye was the first rap album this kid ever bought. And they are both from Chicago; so there’s that. But Kanye loves Chance, and featured him on "Waaves" and "Ultralight Beam" on his latest album Life of Pablo. See, Kanye can actually be friends with people. Or maybe Chance is just that wonderful?

Here they are on SNL:

4. He’s fun/ny.

It seems no one can have as much fun as Chance. Just follow his Snapchat for his latest escapades to have a great time. He’s surprisingly optimistic and happy, but not in a totally annoying way. He’s the kind of guy you always want around. See, even insane robot Beyonce thinks he’s funny: 

5. He’s honest.

He seems pretty straightforward and honest. Like when a song got leaked, he simply said how he felt. Imagine that.

6. He’s private.

Though he and his presumed baby mama, Kristen, are no longer together, he’s never posted any photos of his ex-gf or their daughter. Seems like he’s down for privacy and boundaries. But, God, I bet that kid is way cute.

7. He loves his family and friends.

Chance doesn’t post too many personal things, except for family pics. He certainly loves his brother and the rest of his family and posts a lot of throwbacks to prove it. He’s always out with the same crew, who he refers to as his "buddy system" on Instagram.