8 Great Cooking Shows to Watch High

Eating with your eyes packs on zero calories.

Spend an hour with a good food show, and you will feel like an entirely new person. You'll feel calm, relaxed, and quite possibly inspired to cook, or just do something. You'll also be very hungry and want to eat all the meals

1. Barefoot Contessa

Ina Garten's voice alone feels like a bed of warm blankets, and the lull of her Hamptons house will rock you the fuck to sleep.

2. The Great British Baking Show

Real people cooking real food with real help from real judges in a picturesque green pasture of England. 

3. America's Test Kitchen

Mind-numbing kitchen experiments that make cooking seem ultra appealing and simple.

4. You're Eating It Wrong

Snobbery and science collide to explain to you, simply, how the fuck to eat things.

5. Bizarre Foods

Insane bald man Andrew Zimmern eats insane things in insane places.

6. Everyday Italian

Just watch to stare out of her slender window above the kitchen sink, which offers subtle movement of the Pacific Ocean. Giada De Laurentiis is so good at annunciating too, which for some weird reason, is mesmerizing.

7. Cupcake Wars

Frantic people run around a room to construct seemingly impossible dessert tables and designs for a themed party. The end result is usually absurd, scary, but really big and cool.

8. The Pioneer Woman

Mouth-watering, hearty and fatty foods, for errr, cowboys made by country lady Ree Drummond.