A Meteorite Might Have Killed a Man in India

It's like 'Armageddon,' except not really.

A meteorite is believed to have landed in India earlier this week.The currently uncategorized object reportedly fell from the sky and left a nearly 60-cm-deep crater on the campus of an engineering school. It is also believed to have caused an explosion that killed a man. 

From CNN:

"The resulting blast killed a 40-year-old named Kamaraj, who worked as a bus driver on the campus of the Bharathidasan Engineering College, the police chief said. . .If the object is confirmed to be a meteorite––a fragment of a comet or asteroid that has fallen to Earth––the death would be the first fatality from a meteorite on record, it is believed."

via YouTube/Geo Beats News

No disrespect to Kamaraj (RIP), but the dinosaurs—if any of them were still around—might dispute that claim.