Adidas Has an All Hemp Stash Shoe

If only you could smoke 'em once you get tired of 'em.

Adidas has teamed with on-point retailer Bait to produce the Happy 420 skateboarding shoe, moving the trend in pot-themed trainers a huge lunge forward. 

Why? Because Nike shouldn’t be the only leisure-wear company on the planet capitalizing upon weed-adjacent marketing placement—with its maybe-chill hemp sneaker.

Images via BAIT

The Adidas product is a happy-face variation on the classic Stan Smith. The hemp-hewn uppers are tagged with labels that promote “High Potency Superior Quality” and list dosage at 420MG with a recommendation to “take at least once a day.”

From Mashable:

The shoe isn't readily available for just anyone. You have to enter a raffle for even the opportunity to purchase a pair. And then you'll have the good fortune of paying a hefty $120. That, right there, is a good wad of green.

The shoe’s most innovative differentiator is a sly compartment hidden under the tongue—perfect for concealing folds, bindles, or bags.

There are worse ways to spend 120 bucks. But maybe better ways as well.