Airbnb Will Let You Go to Bed With Mark Ronson at Abbey Road Studios

This might be the best/worst Airbnb listing of all time.

Airbnb is getting wild with its contests, promotions, and freebies to celebs—all part of the company's push to be the coolest of homesharing rental places. Not sure they need to keep going the extra mile, but it seems like the company's got a big marketing team over there that is just full of amazing (!) and wacky (!) ploys to put you into an Airbnb.

Like its latest contest, where famous people will let you stay in some famous landmark in their city, and show you around. So, in this week's ploy, music producer Mark Ronson is into hanging with you at Abbey Road Studios where you are permitted to stay the night and play music with that butthole. All you have to do is write 500 words or less on which Abbey Road-recorded song is your favorite and why. If you win, you’ll be awarded a trip to London and a few nights in the famous digs in mid October. You have to buy your own dinners though.

From Airbnb (ala Marky Ron himself)

Hello music lovers, Mark Ronson here. I was born and grew up around the corner from Abbey Road Studios, one of the greatest studios ever. I spent many a day walking past there as a kid and now I’ve spent many a late night there recording and performing with people like Duran Duran, Miike Snow, the BBC Concert Orchestra and many more. I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe music and couldn’t imagine a better place to spend a 'Good Night' than in Abbey Road Studios. So come on over, let’s set up some amps, an old Challen piano and make some memories.

So there you have it. If you want to eat, sleep, breathe music, you can sleep on Mark’s bed in Abbey Road Studio, something no man has done since John Lennon and Yoko crashed there many years ago.

The whole thing feels a little like The Bachelor meets High Fidelity meets a really bad date. It will just be you and Mark Ronson, whilst he sits upon cozy rugs, and you chill on the cozy bed, and he clumsily strums his cozy guitar.

But if there’s any deal breaker, it’s this: There is no conditioner available in this Airbnb, just shampoo. WHAT KIND OF GAME ARE YOU PLAYING, RONSON?!!?

If you insist on entering, don’t be a butthole yourself and pick a Beatles song to write about as your favorite because that’s too obvious. There’s a good list of songs to lie about right on Wikipedia; so get fake-inspired and enter now. Or hold out hope for a night with Christopher Walken in an abandoned school bus or Beyonce in a functioning submarine, because anything is possible in the world of Airbnb.