SMOKE: Bubba Kush

This earthy indica grabs you nicely and is ideal for staying in, especially if you suffer from sleeplessness.

Do This


Bubba Kush nears couchlock without you feeling trapped—it's a comfortable high. Sit in your favorite chair or curl up with your coziest blanket or pillow. Dim the lights a bit, and feel stress and exhaustion drip from your extremities.


While the Bubba takes hold of your physical, take time to focus on your mental. Either breathe in rhythm to comforting music or investigate the plethora of guided meditation apps that exist now. Maybe try short intervals as you'll be prone to falling asleep in this mode. Then again, maybe that's exactly what you want.


When was the last time you played "light as a feather, stiff as a board"? And do you remember how the game starts like a death ritual? Well this strain will get you corpse-like enough to fall into the witchy levitation spell that this seemingly silly parlor game truly is. And hark, from the days of the plague, how they used to say: Voici un corps mort Raide comme un bâton, Froid comme le marbre Léger comme un esprit, Lève-toi au nom de Jésus-Christ!