Carbon Levels Will Cause World Chaos by 2050

The end is here.

So, welcome to hell, ladies and gents. The earth’s carbon dioxide has reached 400ppm, and the real humans of this planet have finally passed the point of no return when it comes to climate change. Forever. This high level of carbon dioxide has not happened in ONE MILLION YEARS, and scientists are saying there’s really no point of return, unless (maybe) we are able to truly make some serious changes. Like a large percentage of us die and the rest of us drastically alter the ways we go about our days.

Within a generation or two of these carbon levels, projections indicate, the earth will be hotter all around and sea levels will rise; so you might have to ditch your major coastal town (errr, NYC) in your lifetime. 

Still scientists are encouraging you to fucking care and start doing things that might someday help: Don’t drive (as much), walk, recycle, plant a tree, etc. etc.

From Climate Central:

The carbon dioxide we’ve already committed to the atmosphere has warmed the world about 1.8°F since the start of the industrial revolution. This year, in addition to marking the start of our new 400 ppm world, is also set to be the hottest year on record. The planet has edged right up against the 1.5°C (2.7°F) warming threshold, a key metric in last year’s Paris climate agreement. Even though there are some hopeful signs that world leaders will take actions to reduce emissions, those actions will have to happen on an accelerating timetable in order to avoid 2°C (3.6°F) of warming. That’s the level outlined by policymakers as a safe threshold for climate change. And even if the world limits warming to that benchmark, it will still likely spell doom for low-lying small island states and have serious repercussions around the world, from more extreme heat waves to droughts, coastal flooding and the extinction of many coral reefs.

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that climate change studies pointed to the relocation of many major coastal cities by 2100 and affecting more than 13 million people (6 million in Florida alone!), and former NASA lead climate scientist James Hansen recently said the loss of these cities could happen by 2050. Either way, folks, it’s happening, and it all sounds like a Michael Bay movie.