SMOKE: Chemdawg

Chemdawg! What can one say about this classic strain. It's pungent as heck, it's one of the most potent options around, and the ancestry it spawned resembles prestigious family trees like the Barrymores or Kennedys. This strain is great for stress. Its strength relaxes while it stimulates, creating a calm euphoria. The diesel-like smell is just as strong as the THC levels in this strain; so maybe keep away from those other weed dawgs.

Do This

Draw a dog

This strain may be extremely relaxing, but it's also one that induces high levels of creativity. Remember those Learn to Draw books from back in the day? Those were fun as hell. Look some instructions up online and learn how to draw a realistic little pup. Or go completely freestyle and draw a dog however you want. Heck, you can even make up a dog. Space dog. Underwater dog. It's up to you! Imagination is wild, man!

Mash up the Chemical Brothers with My Chemical Romance

Like commercial-friendly techno music? Like gothic-tinged mid-aughts emo? Slam that shit together then, maestro. You'll be weeping beneath a strobe light in no time.

Get really into conspiracy theories

You know those condensation trails (or "contrails") high speed aircraft leave in the air as they're cruisin' around breaking the sound barrier and blasting Loggins' "Danger Zone"? Well a lot of people think these normal atmospheric disruptions are actually sinisterly loaded chemical attacks to drug and control the public! Wild, huh? They call them chemtrails (get it?). Well fantasy sure is a popular genre so just lean in hard. Oswald? Innocent. Moon landing? Never happened. Obama? Lizard king. John Lennon? Woman beater. Oh wait, sorry, that last one is actually true. Imagine!