SMOKE: Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie was born from famous indica Grandaddy Purple and sativa Durban Poison. It's got a sweet, welcoming flavor reminiscent of berries, or like the name says, a delicious cherry pie, maybe cooling on the windowsill during a breezy, summer's eve. It's got an earthy scent and a quick onset. It's great for stress but often yields a gnarly dry mouth; so stay hydrated.

Do This

Warrant's "Cherry Pie"

"She's my cherry pie / Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise / Taste so good make a grown man cry / Sweet, cherry pieeeee, YEAH." Maybe take a couple rips of Cherry Pie and then slam this hair metal staple in the tape deck and let loose. Or if you want something a little more current, try taking Cherry Glazerr's "Had Ten Dollaz." It's a distortion dripping sizzle, just a tad sour.

Piehole Whiskey

Like pie flavored liqueur added to your whiskey? Weird! Okay, well, Piehole has just the alcoholic treats for you. Tired of cherries? It comes in apple or pecan, too. Hell get all three and make a triple-pie-cocktail or something. Please don't vomit!

Chop down a cherry tree

If you chop down a cherry tree, the ghost of George Washington will appear, and he has to do whatever you want for 24 hours. Here's the thing: When was the last time you saw a cherry tree? Oh, you're a cherry farmer? My bad. Guess you already knew this.