Chill/No-Chill: Being Banned From Pizza Delivery for Life

Having pizza delivered to your doorstep is an inherent part of the American experience. Everyone orders a 'za from time-to-time. Chain-pizza-restaurants and local pie-purveyors alike provide a service that many of us would rather not live without. Which sucks for Florida man, Randy Riddle, who was  told by a judge that he is banned from ordering pizza delivery ever again, after reportedly harassing his local pizza spots.

According to MUNCHIES, "Back in June, Riddle began making calls to several local pizza places, including TJ’s Pizza, Danny’s Pizza, and others. Over three weeks, he ordered pies and refused to pay for them, sent the poor delivery dudes to fake or nonexistent addresses, or called the business 'just to tell them their pizza was gross.' " 

Is Riddle's sentence chill, because he was being a total dick? Or no-chill, because a life without pizza-delivery is a truly cruel and unusual existence?