Chill/No-Chill: Coco the Malamute's 8 iPhone 7s

Wang Sicong, 28, is a high-profile pet pamperer. Wang is the son of China's richest man, and he treats his dog, Coco the Alaskan malamute, to lavish gifts that if he were giving them to Kylie or Kendall Jenner, the entire Internet would erupt that he is spoiling those girls. 

Coco the malamute is trending this week because Wang presented the animal with eight iPhone 7s. That's a half dozen more iPhone 7s than are currently amassed in the entire KINDLAND office complex.

Coco's Weibo social media account has 1.9 million followers. Is a dog reveling in conspicuous consumer items chill because she's making 1.9 million Chinese social media consumers happy? Or no chill because no dog will be able to keep track of EarPods and, on top of that, dogs also do not need two cameras in any one handset?