SMOKE: Critical Mass

This earthy scented indica is a powerful one. Take a deep breath of this dense flower and slide into a calm, soothing sea of relaxation. Critical Mass is the product of breeding Afghani and Skunk #1 together. It's a thick bud that's ideal for treating pain and stress.

Do This

Wikipedia session

One of the tightest things to do when you're blazed and staying inside is to just cruise Wikipedia, leaping from one article to the next, just gobbling up information. It's so great! Look at all the facts the internet has to offer! Do you even know what critical mass means?! It's the minimum amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction, ya dummy! Now get to surfin' that dang net and bring me back a fact.


Rest your muscles from the work week and from Friday and Saturday's parties by smoking Critical Mass on Sunday morning and watching some good ol' American football. Sink into the couch and let the symphony of helmet cracks and flashy consumerist propaganda distract you from the woes of the outside world and from the fact that you're going back to the grind come Monday morning.

Concussion (film)

Follow that up with a hard, dramatic look at the toll all those critical hits take on the human mind. It's not pretty! Repetitive head trauma chokes the brain! And the NFL definitely doesn't want you to know about that. Which is silly cause it's kind of a no brainer (lol, oof.) Anyway, Will Smith is an enjoyable actor, and there are probably some other nice people in this movie! Enjoy.