10 Shots of the Freakiest Album Art Ever—All for Funkadelic

Pedro Bell's cover art for a mind-bending string of 1970s LPs by George Clinton's iconoclastic and iconic Funkadelic rock 'n' funk ensemble perfectly reflected the music lurking on the vinyl inside that warped packaging.

From Dangerous Minds:

It should also be noted that not only did Bell create images that helped build the mystique of Funkadelic as an entity, he also contributed to the band’s, well-known groovy lexicon. On George Clinton’s official website, Bell is affectionately referred to as an artist who “inverted psychedelia through the ghetto like an urban Hieronymus Bosch”—a statement that could not more perfectly describe Bell’s trippy illustrations and artwork.

 They don't make brain-teasing art like Pedro Bell used to do anymore. 

Except, in a way, maybe they do.