12 Pixar Characters That Were Most Definitely High

Just because you don't exist doesn't mean you can't be lit.

Kid’s movies have always had subtle, and not so subtle, hints of stoners in them for as long as there’s been television. But could even a company as beloved as Pixar actually put a bunch of pot smoking characters in their movies? Absolutely. Some are definitely intentional, while others are a little more subtle. Either way, these 12 characters definitely got high on the regular.

1. Crush — Finding Nemo

This is the most obvious one of all. He’s a chill, laid back turtle that spends his days just swimming around talking about skateboarding tricks (he uses them to talk about swim tricks, but you get the idea) and trying to keep up with what’s going on even though he’s so high he can hardly keep his eyes open. He’s the most 420 character Pixar has ever given us.

2. Bing Bong — Inside Out

We’re talking about a pink elephant who wears a tiny jacket, an even tinier hat, and dances around to entertain a child all day. You know what kind of creative pressure is on you to be an imaginary friend? Me either! If he’s not smoking on the regular, then whoever came up with him is definitely lighting it up. Bing Bong is pretty much the poster child of drug use in the '70s.

Image via Hello Giggles

3. Dory — Finding Nemo

Here’s yet another stoner from the beloved underwater tale. Dory might not seem like an obvious one, but the evidence is all right there. She forgets everything, shiny things fascinate her, and she dropped everything she was doing to take a random trip across the world to Australia with a total stranger. Trust me, she was high that entire movie.

Image via Tumblr

4. The Yeti — Monsters Inc.  

Remember this guy? He was the one living in an arctic tundra covered in ice and still insisted on eating snow cones. That’s suspect. His reaction at the end when he drops the snow cones and is just completely saddened and defeated is an obvious sign of a stoner. No one, over the age of 9, is that sad over losing some flavored ice unless they were high out of their minds. If you find lighters all over his place, don’t think they’re just there for warmth.

Image via Disney.wikia

5. Slinky Dog — Toy Story

I’m going to be really honest with you here and say that there isn’t one big obvious sign that old Slinky Dog is a stoner. He never gives that big, clear indication, but there’s just something about the way he walks around with the front part of his body and then has to wait for the other part of his body to catch up that feels exactly like every stoner friend we’ve ever had. You don’t sit around in an attic for that long without getting high on the regular.

6. Mr. Incredible — The Incredibles

He used to be the biggest hero in the world and now he works a terrible desk job where his awful manager yells him at all day long. There’s no way he’s going through each day stone cold sober. He’s not drinking. That would be way too obvious. He’s definitely lighting up in that tiny car before he gets to work. Think about it. He comes up with these crazy plans for that old woman to work around the insurance company. That was certainly something he drummed up while high. Then, when he gets home, he realizes the car smells like weed; so he rips the door off in order for it to air out. It’s actually a genius move.

Image via Tumblr

7. Hopper — A Bug’s Life

The reason the bad guy on A Bug’s Life is so angry is because he spends half the year high out of his mind eating a bunch of food and snacks that someone else went and picked up for him. It’s like Postmates for bugs. When he realizes they lost all the food, and he’s going to have to get high with no snacks, he freaks out. He’s not the type of stoner you’d want to hang out with for obvious reasons.

8. Andy — Toy Story 3

Just to be clear, we’re talking about grown up Andy in Toy Story 3. I don’t really think he was a six-year-old lighting up after his mom went to bed. However, this guy was definitely planning on getting high on a pretty consistent basis if he was considering bringing all his childhood toys with him to college.

9. Carl Fredricksen — Up

There is no way in the world that an adult man who has lived many years upon the earth would come up with the idea of tying a bunch of balloons to his house in order to float around the world unless he was so high he couldn’t see straight. Plus he gets really obsessed with a weird looking multi-colored bird. That’s vintage stoner. His wife died though; so give him a break.

10. Marlin at the End of Finding Nemo

So this guy watched his wife and unborn children be eaten by a shark and then the one child that survived was grabbed by a stranger. He had to go on a nearly impossible quest across the world to save him. Then, by the end of the movie, he’s just chill and letting Nemo run around without a care in the world. You would be traumatized for life. If you weren’t freaking out before the disappearance of your son, you would be now. But he’s high and doesn’t have a single worry. Smoke it up, Marlin. You deserve it.

11. Pretty Much Every Human in Wall-E

What if Wall-E is actually just a big commentary on the filmmakers' disapproval of pot being legalized? They made every human obese to the point that we had to rely on robots because we were all too fat from getting high and lying around eating junk food. Nice try, Wall-E. I hear your insidious agenda loud and clear.

Image via Pixar.Wikia

12. Fillmore — Cars

I mean, come on. Look at this guy.