16 Photos from Inside the Emerald Exchange

Every few months, deep in the Malibu hills, there's a gathering of epic weed proportions. The farmers market of sorts is called the Emerald Exchange, and the event, which was held in March of 2017, brings the best sun-grown NorCal weed to the massive LA market. From husband and wife growers, to brands poised for the mainstream, the Emerald Exchange is a showcase for what cannabis and the sun-grown NorCal culture it represents should look like.

KINDLAND ended up on the invite list, and never being ones to say no to weedy events, we made the trek out from the city to the Malibu marijuana oasis to sample some of the best weed the Emerald Triangle has to offer. Spoiler alert: it was kind.

All photographs by Silas Dunham for KINDLAND.