$24M Seized In Miami Home Of Accused Marijuana Trafficker

Just in time for an epic holiday weekend, the Miami-Dade Police Department made its largest money seizure ever on Wednesday when it discovered $24 million in suspected drug trafficking money in a Miami home.

Detectives found the haul in a secret money room that could only be accessed through a trap door in the attic hidden by fiberglass insulation and guarded by figurines associated with the Santería religion. Within the room: 24 orange 5-gallon Home Depot-brand buckets containing heat-sealed bags of cash, each labeled “$150K.”; numerous vials of steroids; and a loaded Tec-9 pistol with an extended clip, according to the arrest report.

The soon-to-be defendant, Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, was allegedly selling marijuana illegally out of the Blossom Experience, an ‘indoor gardening’ store he owns near his home. Apparently, Hernandez-Gonzalez would undercut his competitors by selling equipment cheaply, then buy high-grade marijuana for good prices from his own customers and sell it himself at high profit.

You know, “sell low, buy high”…?