5 Questions, 11 Tracks: Finding Freddy Browne

A legend speaks.

For the past few months, Freddy Browne has been supplying musical playlists for The KIND's email newsletters, amplifying the morning beats flowing through inboxes around the nation, and giving rise to an abiding curiosity to know, Who is Freddy Browne?

You can scan for answers to that question on Browne's personal site, or simply scroll down and read.

The KIND: Where does your musical inspiration come from?

Freddy Browne: Inspiration in general is everywhere, it's comes from people, places, art, the energy that surrounds us and of course cannabis, which opens my mind and allows me to be inspired in the moment where creativity, imagination and originality live. My music is heavily based on the funk music of the 70s and 80s, artists from that era who really had a handle on the energy of the times. Dig into the sounds of Jimmy Castor Bunch, Brass Construction, BT Express, Rose Royce and many many more. It's ultimately inspiring to be able to introduce this music, first real dance music to incorporate synthesizers, which at the time were analog, as the digital realm had not been created yet. The analog sounds embody a warmth that permeates the body and mind like no digital element could. Many of the artists of that time, whose records I have listened to for years, have since become friends of mine and either played on or allowed me to use samples from there original recordings in my music. I've come to realize that these artists could never have imagined the type of audiences that could get off on their music, the opportunity to bring this music to the EDM culture, among others and attach a visual component to the performance is inspiring for me on new levels and beyond. I feel like I'm a messenger in a way, here to introduce this amazing music to generations of people that might not have ever heard it otherwise? The music I'm motivated by and fortunate to create, has to make me feel it first, this is the only way I can touch, move and inspire others, as well as continuing to find my own inspiration.

The KIND: What has been your most satisfying success?

Freddy Browne: I've had so many amazing things occur from the music I've put out into the world, but I would have to say that the most satisfying success in general has been through the universal embrace of the music on my latest album The Recipe. This is my 6th album, but the first as a solo artist, musically it captured what I had always been striving towards in the sonic makeup, a true mix of various genres all coming together in one dish. The album cover is that of a pot of gumbo, with various 70's funk album cover corners sticking up in the stew showing some of the key ingredients in my sound. The album was released first in Japan at the beginning of November 2015 and the immediate results blew me away, radio play, sales, performance requests are all measurable successes. but having spent a great deal of time in Japan and truly loving the country and its people, to be embraced the way I have been there and in other parts of the world that have followed, has been satisfying on levels I never could have envisioned.

The KIND: Why Music?

Freddy Browne: That's easy, music is what makes the world go round, it's what connects, what brings us together. I realized awhile ago that music is based on two primary elements, rhythm and melody, the rhythm is the tempo, the beat and the melody is what joins us and brings us together. Language plays a role, but one doesn't need to know the language of the lyrics to feel the music, for me, it is the world, it's what keeps us moving, music is everywhere. Growing up and living in New York City, not a day goes by where I am not effected by music, watching people react to the music in their headphones, a car radio blasting everything from current radio hits to old skool hip hop and everything in between. Finding something new, which may be 40 years old or older and then sharing it with others in my DJ sets is amazing, what a gift to be able to bestow on others that otherwise would never have the opportunity to hear, to love to feel.

Music is everything for me, I can't imagine doing anything else, it's the basis for everything I do in life, the ultimate expression of emotion.

The KIND: What's the greatest lesson you've learned?

Freddy Browne: The greatest lesson I've learned is the significance of selflessness, giving back and supporting others. The entertainment industry is often driven by sensationalism, placing people in the light and often for the wrong reasons. For me the real gift of music is to give, to share, to use the music as platform to bring awareness to important issues effecting the world. Ultimately, developing an audience to wake us up as one globally community. I read about the immense poverty and disease in the world, about people that live daily with out clean water, about environmental concerns that comprimise life on the planet today and of course in what the future holds. In order to do something about it, whatever each of us can do, we must become selfless to the point that our significance is part of the whole of humanity. I'm honored and humbled on a daily basis to have the music I put out to the world resonate as it does, but to be able to evoke positive change in the world and bring attention to important issues in need of immediate action is only achieved when we know who we are and what we are. The music is for giving, the energy is to accomplish positive change, progress, no reward is more desirable then helping make the world a better place, this is the ultimate lesson and coda.

The KIND: What's next for you?

Freddy Browne: There is a lot currently underway, the first music video from The Recipe for the single "Hot Like You (FIRE)" is currently in post production. Principal footage was shot in Joshua Tree National Park, on of my favorite places in the world and a place I've been going to for 20 years. The video will be full of special effects, cgi and next level cinematography, looking forward to dropping the finished piece towards the end of this summer. I have placed focus on my live DJ sets and have been playing regularly in Miami, NYC, Tokyo, Europe and plan to support an ongoing touring schedule throughout the world over the next several years, many new dates being positioned each week. I continue to build my label SOON recordings (SOON stands for "Something Out Of Nothing", which is how every piece of music i create starts from), constantly looking to align with amazing artists in all genres, if its great music, generated by extraordinary people, I'm down.

Lastly, I have begun work on the next album, the current working title of which is "One World To Another", this for me, says it all, to bring together different spiritual and physical worlds with music. The album will include a different singer on each track, providing the ultimate way to perform the material in a DJ setup. My singer list includes everyone form Jamiraqoui to Bruno Mars to Mary J Blige to Chaka Khan, so many incredible voices to jive with, the adventure of collaboration is always intriguing for me. Look for a single or two to drop between now and the next albums release in early 2017, in the meantime, let's make the world a better place in anyway we can, for me it's the music the provides the opportunity to do so. Stay in tune people, let's reach the highest notes possible.