7 Best Places to Get High When Germany Legalizes Weed in 2017

The very best trips on the very best trip.

Germany is jumping on the legalization bandwagon in 2017. Not only will the country allow medicinal marijuana as a legal aid to in-need patients next year, but the movement is poised to loosen national marijuana laws for people who want to get high just to have fun. 

What does that mean for you? Well, as of now, nothing. But if we’re crossing fingers that Germany will be chill with weed soon, you might want to start planning your next trip. And this time, you just might want to visit some unexpected Teutonic hotspots that will blow your mind. 



Check out Rakotzbrücke, a 19th-century bridge that creates a perfect circle by its reflection in the picturesque waters beneath. It’s known to locals as the "devil’s bridge" because it was considered so miraculous and scary that it must have been built by Satan himself.

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Discover a mythical-as-fuck fairy tale land made of green meadows, enchanted woods, and soggy wetlands in Germany’s protected Spreewald. Be sure to take a tour (or do it yourself!) on a boat. A water craft is by far the best way to see magic, and nature, and maybe fairies. 

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The Thousand-Year Rose


There’s a rose bush that grows up the walls of the mystical Hildesheim Cathedral, and it’s believed to be the oldest rose on Earth. That’s right—that unruly bush is actually a huge piece of history. The rose has even survived World War II bombings; so it’s a tough bitch, and worth the trip.

Image via Kings Plant Barn

Teufelskanzel und Hexenaltar


Brocken Mountain is home to some pretty trippy rock formations that, according to lore, were once home to witches, ghosts, and maybe the devil. Many have been inspired by the creepy, eerie, and really beautiful views here, including Goethe, who wrote the tragic play Faust after visiting. 

Image via panoramio.com

Tropical Islands Resort


Once you're done soaking up culture shit, be sure to give yourself a break at Tropical Islands Resort. It’s a giant airplane hangar originally constructed for the German military and later was used as a Soviet air base. Now it’s got artificial sunlight, a beach, warm water, birds, and balloon rides. Oh, and there’s a projection of a sunset each night.

Image via tropical-islands.de

The Bastei


Freak out on the ruins of a German Castle, way up there, where the Elbe River Valley’s pristine sandstone mesas pop up right from the forest floor. It’s a spectacular view that might leave your knees (and stomach) weak.

Image via bahnatur.de

Auerworld Palace


Ever wonder what it’d be like to live in a tree? Be sure to visit all the structures made from living trees at Auerworld, and you’ll shrink right down to David the Gnome size. An architect started construction on these magical tree domes more than 10 years ago and has now built a village of more than 70 green structures. It’s the best living palace. 

Image via AtlasObscura