'80s and '90s Soft Rockers: What People Think of Them Now

Finally, there's a good time to be softy.

It's hard to deny the soulful power of '80s and '90s soft rock. If you've forgotten it's power, you should listen a '80s/'90s soft rock playlist every day until you regain a new, positive outlook on life.

Sure, sometimes I wonder: Where are they now? These voice monsters, with their soothing sweet tunes. Then I remember that I don't care that much. I mean, I know they are all just really rich and chilling.

Did you play that video? Are you a whole new person now? With legs that started moving right underneath you?

Turns out other people are listening to these classic jams right now, and they are still talking about the coolness of these songs on Twitter (and probably in their daily lives because they feel a sense of total rejuvenation).