9 Disgusting, Delicious Munchies for a Better, Shorter Life

Sometimes you just gotta eat everything you can.

Certain occasions insist you eat whatever the fuck you want, without worrying about caloric intake or heart disease. This is fine, especially when you're lit, as long as you know that the following days of your life might require some real adulting: Mostly nutritious food, a long walk or some gym time, a solid scrub in the shower. (Cheeto dust ends up in the scariest of places). 

If you're looking to enhance your favorite bag of chips, search no further. Here are some daring snack ideas that will contribute to the ultimate zone-out session and trigger instant over-satisfaction.

Image via guiadasemana.com.br

1. M&Ms Pizza

This is not gross, I promise. The combo of hot, melty cheese, with warm, melty chocolate will spark a fucking party in your mouth. Simply order a hot cheese pizza from your favorite joint. Sprinkle M&Ms all over your pie. Close the lid, let those little candies warm up. Enjoy.

Image via baresias.com.br

2. Doritos + Velveeta

Listen, it's impossible to consume enough fake, delicious cheese. Dip your favorite flavor of Doritos (I recommend cheese!) into a bowl of warm and gooey Velveeta cheese dip. Fuck plain tortilla chips. The cheesy Dorito mixed with salty warm Velveeta cheese is the best cheese overload.

Image via Minimalist Baker

3. Grilled Nutella Sandwich

This is basically a s'more for giant adults who might be high AF. Butter the shit out of your favorite bread, slap on loads of Nutella and mini marshmallows. Fry the thing up in a pan. The ooey-gooey, chocolatey, marhsmallowy goodness is insane. Make many. You'll be really sad if you've only got one.

Image via recipehub.com

4. Fritos + Cheez Whiz

Simple and classic. Douse your salty Fritos into a bowl of Cheez Whiz, or simply spray it right into a mouthful of half-chewed chips. Best ever. If you're daring, add some salsa into your dipping routine.

Image via Minimalist Baker

5. Oreos + Peanut Butter

Dip Oreos into peanut butter for an extra indulgent sweet treat. Drink very cold milk too. Be as gross as possible now and put on stretchy pants, or no pants.

Image via Business Insider

6. Strawberry Pop-Tarts + Vanilla Ice Cream

Toast a gross amount of Pop-Tarts and break them up over ice cream. It's basically like strawberry pie ala mode, but better, and sweeter, and so good. Add more rainbow sprinkles if you have some leftover somewhere in your kitchen. You'll never feel so special again.

Image via So Hungry I Could Blog

7. Popcorn + Parmesan Cheese

Popcorn the only comestible in your barren cupboards? Add some flavor, I mean a LOT of flavor, by practically emptying a pound of parmesan cheese into the bag. Let it set in and melt, and then enjoy the best, fake, cheesiest popcorn on the planet. Drink it with a fucking Coke.

Image via Framed Cooks

8. Top Ramen + Cheese

True ramen fans love to add cheese to this dish. If you haven't tried it, you're a total idiot. Simply cook the ramen. While it's piping hot, add at least one slice of American cheese and a spoonful of butter. It's the best, melty, cheesy, comforting bowl of soup you can eat.

Image via OhSheGlows.com

9. Cookie Dough + Chocolate Syrup

Sure, this sounds gross, until you are sucking the leftovers off your little paws. Take a spoonful of raw cookie dough, drizzle it with chocolate syrup, and gobble it down. It's the most intense sweetness and will curb any sweet tooth.