A Dispensary In Maine Will Give You Free Weed If You Pick Up Some Trash

Going green has never been so fun.

Environmentally friendly cannabis consumers in Gardiner, Maine were on the receiving end of a super sweet deal last weekend. As a reward for picking up trash in the city with a population of less than 6,000 people, a local dispensary handed out some free trees. 

Summit Medical Marijuana dispensary figured cleaning up the city would be as good of motivation as any, in order to score some free, dank weed. Recreational use was legalized in Maine in November of last year, with the law taking effect in January. But residents either have to grow the drug themselves, or hope that some fire product will be gifted to them, at least until regulations that will govern recreational sales are firmly in place come 2018.  

Indeed, Summit's deal was simple. Each patron was given two trash bags to fill up completely with litter, and other garbage, and after completing said green task, would receive a gram of bud for each bag returned full of trash.

Summit Medical Marijuana / Facebook

Dennis Meehan, owner of Summit Medical Marijuana, was inspired by Colorado's The Pothole Cannabis Club, a weed retailer that offered free joints to consumers last year who helped clean up a local park on April 20, AKA 4/20. 

Summit’s plan to clean up the streets of Gardiner was so successful, in fact, that the dispensary nearly ran out of room to temporarily store the trash in it's dumpster. And if giving out all that free AF weed seems like it would be bad for business, Meehan isn’t fazed.

“A big part of Maine’s marijuana program is making medicine available to the people who otherwise may not have been able to afford it,” the dispensary operator said to WMUR-TV. “At the end of the day, it isn’t about money. It’s about the need. It’s about the community.”

And you can bet your trashy ass it's about the free weed. 

The green cleanup plan was such a success, though, that Meehan is already planning a second one that will be open to Maine residents and rec weed consumers statewide.