A Treasure Trove of Unforgettable Must-Know Facts About 311

Way important and essential.

311 is the best/worst whitest reggae stoner rock band of the '90s and '00s. Remember all those white college boys with dreadlocks? Yes, those were 311 fans. Better than Dave fans though, maybe.

Their 25 years of music making has made them really rich and really loved; there are still tons of 311 fans, concerts, a 311 concert cruise, and a lot of wiggly-arm-hackey-sack music to be heard.

It defies all manner of expectations that the guys continue to make music after all this time, and they’ve never split up. Kind of impressive for a few high-school buddies from Omaha. Somehow this band of Midwest slackers has spent a quarter-century kicking, making music, and money.

If you find yourself listening to old mixed tapes and CDs, chances are there’s some “Down” or “Amber” in there somewhere. It’s pretty hard to not nod your head.

So congrats to 311 for being an everlasting light in the white stoner alt rock universe. To celebrate Omaha's most enduring sons' existence, here are some must-know facts to remind you to listen to them this weekend (before you hit the drum circle).

All five members of 311 grew up in the 1970s in Omaha, Nebraska.

Once 311 played 63 songs at a live show that ran five hours straight.

Their latest Greatest Hits compilation is out now and on Spotify.

Nick Hexum once told Billboard magazine that his fans are “good-natured stoners that like to have fun.” 

In 2014, 311 performed live with a 14-piece orchestra in New Orleans to critical acclaim.

Nick Hexum ran up 86 flights of stairs inside the Empire State Building in 16 minutes, 2 seconds in a race to raise $21,000 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. That was 86 flights.

You can watch new and past 311 live shows on live311.com

311 partnered with BK Racing in support of cars #23, #26 and #83 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and those cars sport the 311 logo

According to the band's site, “In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, 311 have proudly released a 4-CD Box Set featuring 81 tracks (unreleased songs, b-sides, bonus tracks, pre-production recordings & demos from 1992 – 2014)! PLUS a 60 Page Book of rare photos and memorabilia is also included.”

The band has its own vape pen.

They have their own beer called 311 Amber Ale because amber is the color of their energy.

P-Nut played violin before he played bass guitar. 

Nick Hexum says Bad Brains was their biggest influence. 

The guys don’t go to church. 

311 has had 3 Number 1 singles on Billboard's US Alternative Chart.

The entire band loves weed, and is way open about it, duh. 

Many people thought 311 were into the KKK; K is the 11th letter in the alphabet and then if you multiply that by 3 ….well, you get it. The band refutes this. 

The band claims they picked the name 311 in high school because class ended at 3:10 pm and they were already high by 3:11 pm. 

311 has sold more than 9 million albums in the US.

311 has headlined amphitheaters in the U.S. for the past 11 consecutive summers.

Nick Hexum has his own music label and produces Pepper (that other white reggae guy).

Only 300 copies were made of their very first album, Dammit, and made available only on cassette. It’s a highly sought after collectors item.

March 11 is officially 311 Day, an unofficial holiday created by the band, and the guys always perform an extended concert on this day.

Nick Hexum produced the gold-selling soundtrack for the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie 50 First Dates

311 toured with featured guest Ziggy Marley in 2009.

Nick Hexum appeared on the Joe Strummer track "It's a Rockin' World" from Chef Aid: The South Park Album alongside Flea and Tom Morello.

The chorus of “Down” actually says; We've changed a lot and then some some/Know that we have always been down down/And if i ever didn't thank you you/Then just let me do it now

Nick Hexum was once engaged to Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls. 

Every summer, the band rents a boat and private island and does a 4-day weekend concert/party like it's fucking spring break and they call it the 311 Caribbean Cruise.