Adidas TV Ad Flashed a Pot Grow During Presidential Debate

Did you ever notice the branding elements shared by the Adidas logo and a marijuana leaf? Those design similarities popped into focus when an Adidas commercial called "Your Future Is Not Mine" appeared on screen Monday evening during ABC Television's airing of 2016's first Presidential debate.

At the 18-second mark, the short film's free form, forward-moving narrative passes through the center aisle of what looks like a professional-scale marijuana grow facility. 


Outside of its commercial context, the message of "Your Future Is Not Mine" as it pertains to the televised political event might be interpreted as a summation of millennial dissatisfaction with both candidates.

Directed by Terence Neale, the minute-plus spot has been living on the Internet since January 2016 and has racked up more than 1 million YouTube views. Chances are, a meaningful percentage of those viewers salivated at the quick flash of an emerging marijuana industry at the start of the clip. But viewers didn't really need a hit until they saw that "Future" weed in conjunction with the Presidential choices facing them.