All of the Hats to Make America High Again

This is the real heady stash.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says that America needs to be made great again. But America fucking rules, and it’s always been great. Kind of?

Trump’s campaign slogan has trafficked through popular culture, delivered unto the heartland on merchandise that includes tee shirts and pins and those weird little flags that people put in their yards each election year. The “great again” mantra lives loudest on “Dad-hats,” because 2016.

“Make America _____ Again” has become almost as much of a meme as the comb-over-con candidate himself.

Here at KINDLAND, we sure do love ourselves some weed. And if you’ve read our site at all in the year since we launched, you know that the burgeoning legal cannabis industry is––at least how we see it––a major part of what makes America just so great. As such, KINDLAND put together this scroll view of some of the dankest, dopest, and greatest hats, that could potentially also make America High AF, once more. 

Get America Stoned Again

Classic.  (Buy Now)

Make America High Again

Right!? (Buy Now)

Make Cannabis Great Again

Was it ever not?  (Buy Now)

Make America Dank Again

The United States of Dank. (Buy Now)

Make America Green Again

Hug trees, smoke trees, hustle trees––America is a great place to be! (Buy Now)

*Special thanks to Matt Bell for hooking us up with these heady finds.