'American Honey' Updates the Bittersweet, Violent Teen-Sex Road Movie

Writer-director Andrea Arnold's American Honey is coming to theaters in limited release starting September 30. If the trailer is any indication of what's in store, the limitations of this release will be only in the number of theaters screening the movie.

Starring newcomer Sasha Lane—who story has it was discovered for this role while partying on Spring Break—as Star, and casting astounding gadfly Shia LaBeouf as charismatic loser Jake, American Honey follows the adventures of a "free-spirited" teen girl who is picked up by a traveling magazine sales crew. It's all door-to-door pity pitches and substance-fueled, partially clad fun until someone whips out a gun and pulls the trigger.

Writer-director Andrea Arnold was the creative force behind 2009's Fish Tank, which did far more than introduce Michael Fassbender as one of the more complexly conflicted male sexual icons of his time.

Fish Tank, like American Honey, employed a lead actress who was discovered out in the wild: The legend of Fish Tank has Katie Jarvis's audition basically consisting of a public screaming match with a boyfriend in a London train station.

You probably missed Fish Tank when it came out. Maybe consider not letting that happen with American Honey.