America's Best Cannabis Tours and Weedy Vacation Spots

You really don't have to go to Europe for the Amsterdam flow.

You don’t have to spend your shitty piggy-bank savings on a trip to Amsterdam to enjoy a vacation full of leisure and smoking weed. The good ol’ U-S-of-A has a lot of recreational high times to offer in its four states where adult recreational weed consumption is legal and available over the counter.

Plenty of hotels, motels, and campsites are weed-friendly and happily advertise their chillness online. Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska—the four legal states—offer plenty of behind-the-scenes tours and personalized weed excursions. Basically, anything in nature (and in big cities) that will satisfy your weed likes is available, or is in the planing stages of being available, for money of course.

The good news is that these tours are known to provide 420 friendly transportation, trips to local head shops, and sometimes "free" samples.

Image via Cory Klein Photography


Be sure to check out Bowman’s Beercreek Lodge. They'll give you a joint at check in (it’s legal to give one ounce of weed as a gift), and they’ve got paddle boats and a nightly campfire. Other hotels are on track in the area to offer the same kinds of goodies. Why not enjoy rural Washington with some local weed and a lot of seemingly nice, friendly, earthy people? Or, take the weed-inspired tour at a massive local grow—a few hours behind-the-scenes with Dog Star Cannabis will leave you salivating. This 'aint called the Evergreen State for nothing…

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Colorado basically founded the enriched weed vacation—and the state has spawned countless (amazing) cannabis tours to prove it. The Denver Marijuana Project will pick you and your homies up in a glitzy party bus and take you to the best shops and spots to smoke weed. Or step up your game and hit up Colorado Cannabis Tours for a Puff, Pass & Paint Class (fuck wine and painting) or a Pipemaking 101 class (with real glass-blowing fire). And in Denver, many hotels are 420 friendly; so it’s really worth the trek to smoke weed in the comfort of your own hotel room. The views don’t suck in Colorado either.

Image via Travel Alaska


This is the best of all nature has to offer, right? Soon, after they work out a few legal kinks, Juneau Cannabis Tours will open its doors. According to these nature-loving stoners, the outfit will offer a "fun, professional, and laid back way to experience the recreational cannabis industry.” Grab some Alaskan Thunder Fuck and enjoy the shit out all the serious nature views. The trip would be the ultimate high life, right? There’s wildlife, openness, water, and probably cool hats.

Image via Rob Sheridan


Look, there is nature all around in Oregon, even in real cities like Portland or Ashland. These Oregonians like to keep things weird, and they love weed. They want to give you weed in their state, and share it, because sharing is caring, according to these tree lovers. Visit the Chalice Farms Cannabis Campus and get a real look at growing and selling cannabis. Or, be a real Portlandian and check out a cannabis-inspired bike tour where you’ll learn Oregon’s history with weed and certainly smoke/eat some too.