Animated Sexting: GIFs Come to Tinder, We Have Suggestions

Now that you can message GIFs on Tinder, how do you express yourself?

With its most recent update, lonely-boning app Tinder has implemented GIFs into its messaging feature. Thanks to Giphy's database, users can now search GIFs within the app and then insert them to really spice up the casual 2 A.M.  "hey". 

Unfortunately, finding the right GIF to accurately express one's feelings can be a difficult task. On top of that, differing interpretations of the medium can cross wires and pull the plug on a potential hook-up faster than you can type "u up?"

Having trouble? Browse this set of flirtatious GIFs to help get you started, bud. 

Ah, modern romance! This one has it all. Intimate physical interactions, portrayal of a young and free lifestyle, and bonus points if they like dive bars!

Get creative with how you express your "420 friendly" approach to life. It's gonna come up sooner or later, I say get it out of the way right off the bat. Who knows! You could be freebasing with Cupid sooner than you think.

This one is like, "hey babe, let me blow your mind right quick." And then they're all, "holy shit man, that was...that was wild." And you go, "yeah, yeah, I know. That's why I showed it to you." Then they're like, "thank you so much." Everyone gets pregnant.

This one is just cute! That's all. It's friggin' Pitbull getting stoked on some sharks and that's just good old fashioned fun. If they do not enjoy being sent this GIF they do not deserve your romance or sex.

This is a ~*~S*E*X*Y~*~ GIF, people, watch out. This one straight up walks into your Tinder match's life and says, "hey you, yeah you, ya big hot piece of steam, I'm gonna kiss you in the face so goddamned good and hard that we're gonna fuck off to another plane of existence entirely. Now pucker up."

Basically this GIF is trying to tell them that you smoke weed, are into religious imagery, and love big ass Mercedes earrings. This is a turn on for some people, I assume, and good luck.

"I want to believe that we can bone while skating through eternity."

"I would die for you."

Showing someone a picture of Nelly's spinning head is a well-known spell that tricks people into falling madly in love with you. Be careful with this power, lest you anger the mythical Nelly and bring his lunacy upon your family.

And last but not least, this one needs no explanation. 


Happy sexting, friends. May all your sick dreams come true.