Baltimore Ravens Release NFL Cannabis Crusader Eugene Monroe

The offensive tackle is now a free agent weed proponent.

NFL offensive tackle Eugene Monroe is reported to have been released from the Baltimore Ravens in the wake of his vocal quest to convince the NFL to allow cannabinoids as a viable option for pain management.

Monroe's the first and loudest person active in the NFL to talk about weed freely, and beg for its social and professional acceptance. Beyond talk, Monroe has donated $80,000 of personal dough to fund research into medical marijuana as it pertains to football players.

This year, the Centers for Disease Control acknowledged the impact of CTE (a traumatic brain injury caused by concussions), admitting finally that the condition is real and causing severe problems among athletes, including pain, depression, and death. On a mission of trying to beat this disease, Monroe has been on the front lines promoting marijuana as a safe and acceptable way to treat pain.

While Baltimore Ravens management hasn’t explicitly said it is distancing the franchise from the weed proselytizer, it went so far as to cut Monroe loose, and he’s now a free agent.

From ESPN:

Monroe has been campaigning vigorously for the NFL to take medical marijuana off its banned substances list. He tweeted Friday that the Ravens were distancing themselves from him and his cause.

Rumbles of trade talks concerning Monroe have been heard. Rumor and speculation have selected two weed-friendly cities as wanting to pick him up: the San Diego Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks.