'Broad City' Calls on Whoopi Goldberg and the Lord

The true joy of singing about joy is joyful!

No one can quite pull off a musical number like the Broad City girls. This season's Episode 3 featured a nearly perfect number that mimicked the greatest '90s film: Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

In a scene where Ilana (finally) gets fired from her job, her hateful coworker rejoices by dancing and singing to “The Hymn of Joy” (or as you still probably call it “Joyful Joyful”) as if she were reliving the very best scene from the very best movie of all time. The dance number features proper '90s clothes and all the correct dance moves. The spoof even has a (really bad) signer, just like the film! 

But beyond the nods to keeping it just like the actual movie, good ol’ Whoopi Goldberg appears, literally back in her habit, to dance alongside the group. It’s a moment that will make you actually cheer out loud.

And, Vanessa Williams in the episode, too. And she sings about pooping. So, yay. 

If you’re feeling blue today, watch the original video, and learn the dance. I can assure you it’s not that hard. Knowing it will truly bring you joy.