Can High-Fashion Activism Wipe Out Anti-Weed Stigma? 25 Pics Say 'Yes'

What happens when high-end jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche hooks up with nonprofit cannabis pioneers Spark The Conversation? Well, a lot of beautiful people gather together to gawk at weedy clothes and cannabis-inspired jewelry while smoking freely in Jacquie's ethereal Beverly Hills bungalow garden. 

The event kicked off Spark The Conversation's "joint effort" road trip to push back against the dirty, lazy, drab, and dour stigmas that have been falsely and unfairly foisted upon cannabis. 

KINDLAND reps showed up at 4:20, like the invitation suggested, and fell in with a lot of trendy L.A. heads willing to get down for a good cause and, of course, enjoy awesome cannabis freebies. What more encouragement do you need to "spark the conversation" about personal freedom, and the normalization of weed? Because how can you not love and support weed, and awesome cannabis bags and jewels, and pot lovers? Duh.