Canada Opens America's First Cannabis Mall

The fastest way to empty your wallet on everything from bud to bongs.

Victoria, British Columbia's one-stop shopping experience now being called “The Great Canadian Canna Mall” intends to bring marijuana users the ultimate convenience in their cannabis-centered shopping with paraphernalia, various cannabis products, and personal growing materials all available for purchase in the same location.

The mall has partnered with cannabis connoisseurs such as Keating Hydroponic who will be ready to advise customers interested in growing their own products with do-it-yourself grow kits. Customers can utilize informed experts to answer all questions about their own plants. 

Vendors such as Skunk and Panda’s Shatter Shack and Potent Industry will also be in the mall, with pre-grown flower and concentrates available. In addition, vape fans will be happy to experience the Executive Smoke Shop Kiosk that will be exhibiting the latest technology in vaporizers, e-nails, and rosin solvent-less extractions. 

Glass art will be another feature of the mall, with British-Columbia based, local glass-blowers featured in the store. Currently unnamed, the emporium will be holding a contest in which customers and online participants can contribute ideas for what to call the glass-art store. The winner of the contest will not only have their name choice used in the Great Canadian Canna Mall, but will take home a unique piece of glass and a month membership to “The Green Ceiling,” the malls vapor lounge where cannabis users can connect. The vapor lounge will feature seminars, yoga, meditation, and other cannabis culture interactive activities and classes for members to partake in with like-minded individuals.

U.S. cannabis enthusiasts who qualify to cross America's northern border, should be sure to make a trip to 1625 Quadra Street in Victoria, on beautiful and bountiful Vancouver Island, and experience the Great Canadian Canna Mall. Whether or not it's the first of its kind, let's hope to see others of the like following suit.