Chill/No-Chill: Animals as Beards

Since the days of the stone age, long before this weird and wild legal-stoned age, men have been growing hair from their faces. From the Neanderthals who once roamed the earth's uncharted territories to the barista who is also an artisanal butter churner in Brooklyn––beards have been a fashion staple for the human male

Men's grooming brand Schick is all too familiar with wild facial hair, and the fact that a vogue for face bush cuts into razor profits. The company tapped an Australian creative agency to style a photo shoot for its "Free Your Skin" campaign. The results are ferrets and rabbits attached to the faces of hipsters and shot to look like beards.

Is this viral/corporate-backed art project a chill and pretty funny click? Or is anything involving the exploitation of chins and forest creatures no-chill?