Chill/No-Chill: Cows as Weed-Farm Security Guards

The American security guard is perhaps unfairly mocked as a taser-wielding, semi-badged beast, known to subsist on skateboarders and shoplifters at the mall. Until now, security guards were (mostly) human, and predominantly grumpy. In 2016, a new breed of guards is protecting a crop of cannabis plants in Hawaii, and are also cows. 

Leafly reports on the black and white and beefy security force:

"To keep his licensed medical cannabis crop safe, Hawaii farmer Richard Ha is going beyond the security measures—surveillance cameras, an alarm system—mandated by the state. He’s hired cows. Security cows."

Is employing an animal––which is considered to be sacred by some, and delicious when murdered, cooked medium rare, and served with a baked potato––to guard drugs and medicine chill? Or are weed-farm security guard-cows a no-chill, load of bullshit?