Chill/No-Chill: Diving Into an Olympic Green Pool in Rio

Would you swim in a sea of farts? How about diving into a sea-green pool, potentially loaded with too much chlorine? Because at Rio 2016, the Olympic diving pool might have a chemical imbalance that has caused the water to turn a shade of green, the venue to smell like butt-air, and the athletes to have itchy eyes. 

"We have learned that chemistry is not an exact science," a Rio 2016 spokesperson said to reporters, while trying to determine the cause of the stank and discoloration of the pool, before closing it, and canceling diving practice. 

Any shade being thrown at chemistry aside (which actually is an exact science, like, exactitude is what makes it chemistry); is the whole green pool situation chill, and just kind of inconvenient? Or no-chill, because this is the Olympics, damnit?