Chill/No-Chill: Poké Ball Weed Grinder

Pokémon Go may have reached its peak, but the mobile game that transports users into an augmented poké-reality isn't the only way for poké masters and adult children to get down with their passion for the cartoon world. 

Enter this Pokéball weed grinder, available on Amazon Prime, and other online retailers. The multi-chambered, marijuana-tool empowers cannabis and Pokémon enthusiasts alike to catch em' all. It also breaks down hearty nugs and catches all of the keef, trapping the ultra-potent weed dust that might otherwise go to waste. 

Is such a device chill, because weed and Pokémon are both tight as hell? Or no-chill, because you're 35, and it's time to lay off the Pokémon and find a real job?