Chill/No-Chill: The Weed-Addled Sheep of Wales

Sheep sometimes just like, can't handle their shit. A whole group of the fluffy little b*stards, allegedly high as hell on weed, were said to have "caused a rampage," in a Welsh village after eating the remnants of an illegal cannabis factory, which were said to have been dumped near where the sheep were doing the opposite of laying low/staying low. Local media portrayed the blazed beasts f*cking up gardens and bungalows with reckless abandon. Some sheep were so zooted, they walked into oncoming traffic. 

Are the weed-addled sheep of Wales chill, and just victims of a no-chill circumstance gone horribly wrong? Or no-chill? Because learn how to dose your edibles, before you terrorize your entire town, Sheep.