Cops Find Big Bag of Weed on Copenhagen Opera House Roof

Is the roof on fire, or is the fire on the roof?

Police in Denmark made a weedy discovery in an unlikely location earlier this year: After workers making repairs to the Copenhagen Opera House alerted authorities, 75 kilos (165 pounds) of cannabis was collected on the roof of the building.

Image via Copenhagen Police

Danish cops reportedly have made no headway in their investigation of the circumstances surrounding the seized contraband and have now taken their findings to the public for assistance. 

A representative from the police’s organized crime unit told tabloid Ekstra Bladet

“The hashish was well hidden, and our investigation has not been able to uncover who put it there.”

What’s the skinny on Danish weed, anyway? Is it even any good? What's wrong with those workers that they turned it in? Did Santa accidentally drop that stuff out of his sleigh? He lives up there, doesn't he? Here again is a news story that raises more questions than it answers.