Dan Auerbach's 'Waiting On A Song' Evokes Nostalgia For Weed-Soaked Summer Days

From Akron to Nashville, Dan Auerbach leaves you waiting and wanting more once again.

Black Keys frontman and as-Nashville-as-it-gets musician Dan Auerbach is poised to be remembered as one of the standout artists of our generation. And his latest video for the track "Waiting On A Song" is off the latest album of the same name to be released this June. It evokes summer vibes and calls upon the tradition of making music in Nashville for its vernal and nostalgic vibes. 

From Rolling Stone:

"Director Bryan Schlam helmed the hilarious, slightly melancholy clip, which follows a group of teenage boys through one last collective summer of booze, weed and sex. . . Throughout the video, the kids drink at an empty race track, shoot beer cans, craft an apple pipe and hit up the local diner."
"'Not only does the video evoke the feeling of the song, but it also pays tribute to the great tradition of Nashville songwriters,' said Auerbach in a statement. 'It also has appearances by other Nashville songwriters, like Michael Heeney and Luke Dick, as well as David Ferguson who was the executive producer on the album with me.'"

The sweet-sounding record certainly has us stoked for the rest of the album.