Definitive Proof 2017 Is The Year Of Weed

One LA landmark got a new and improved look for 2017.

It’s time we let out a collective sigh of relief because the utter and complete shitshow that was 2016 is finally over.

Sure, the last 365 days have been pretty much a dumpster fire from hell, but 2017 is looking bright and we have proof.

On Sunday, Los Angeles awoke to a new (and possibly improved) Hollywood sign, which now reads, “Hollyweed.”

According to TMZ, the sign was changed by one man acting alone using a tarp to change the shape of the O's to e’s. 

The only bit of rain on this weed parade is the fact that this guy isn’t even an original. In fact, the same stunt was pulled on January 1, 1976 by prankster Danny Finegood. Finegood also changed the sign to read “Ollywood” to protest Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North during the Iran-Contra hearings, The L.A. Times reports, and once more to read “Oil War” during the Persian Gulf War. But alas, he can’t be the 2017 vandal as Finegood passed away in 2007. So let’s all raise a toast to his successor and hope for his or her sake that they are never caught.