Downtown Las Vegas Is Slowly Becoming a Green Light District

The voters have spoken. Not once, but three times, for cannabis in Nevada: once to allow medical marijuana, again a few years later to finally allow dispensaries to sell various forms of the drug as medicine and finally, in an affirmation of Nevada’s libertarian soul, to allow adults to use recreational marijuana.

And where better to buy and sell weed than in the urban heart of Las Vegas, a place where galleries, bars and restaurants have already carved out a colony that could be a cousin to hip neighborhoods in Denver or Portland? A lot of people, some of them with visions more Wall Street than Woodstock, are betting that Downtown Las Vegas will soon be a destination for cannabis consumers from around the world.

Of course, people smoke marijuana all over Nevada, but only the largely urban Clark and Washoe counties—two of Nevada’s 17—actually had a majority of voters support recreational use. The rural counties voted against the measure, but the much larger populations of metropolitan Las Vegas and Reno contributed to a healthy 54 to 46 percent margin statewide.

“Parts of Downtown Las Vegas originated as a red-light district of sorts,” he says. “To this day, Downtown carries this certain character that harkens back to a ‘real Las Vegas.'” – Tarek Tabsh, New Amsterdam Naturals

Within the city of Las Vegas, there is already a growing industry in medical marijuana prescriptions and sales. Many of the city’s dispensaries are either Downtown or very close to it, including a gaggle of them in what some are calling the “cannabis corridor” just west of Naked City, the venerable residential district near the Stratosphere.

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