Empty Pools: A Study in Forms Stripped of Functions

Being useful isn't the only thing that counts in this life. For instance, there is a dignity in having been useful at some previous time. Think of an old sheepdog, hobbled by joint pain, still trying to please its master with an approximation of a jaunty trot. A gray grimace contorts this loyal, retired herder's grizzled snout with each fresh jolt to its hips.

Are you going to fault that dog as a useless waste? Or will you give the old pup a super tasty doggie treat?

How a person answers that question is a clue to the state of mind they'll adopt as they peruse this photo collection of disused swimming pools. No one will look at these pictures and feel an impulse to dive right it. That's a given. The differentiator is: Do you view these emptied concrete bowls as subterranean structures voided of value? Or do you see these relics as lasting monuments to passing joy?

These are the most pressing questions any sentient human will ever answer. Other than, "Would you like your pie heated? Do you want ice cream with that?"