Five Lit YouTube Channels You Need to Watch

If you don't watch, you will not be fire. (The best one is at the end.)

Being stoned while surfing YouTube can get addicting. Post-smoking, I usually sift through an enticing void of puppy videos and fail compilations, clicking on related videos until my body exudes its final yawn around 3:00 a.m.. This is called a typical weekday.

When you strip away all the dubstep remixes and parody songs, YouTube has a fair share of fine quality content—by which I mean you can watch it without hurting yourself. Plus, not only is YouTube cheaper than Netflix, it serves as an outlet for cool stoners who aim to entertain, inform, and advocate positivity within the cannabis community.

So, if you're a person who likes to smoke weed and watch people talk about smoking weed when you’re alone, creating the illusion that you’re with other people, here are five essential YouTube channels that will ground your smoking lifestyle fantasy in smoking lifestyle reality.

Getting Doug With High

Comedian Doug Benson hosts this counterculture talk show, enlisting writers, filmmakers, musicians, porn stars, and fellow comedians to hang out in the “Spacement” and inhale dark clouds of pot smoke in front of cameras. Aside from a few loosely mapped segments, the entire show is a free-for-all smoke session.

Sometimes the chemistry between guests is great, like with Reggie Watts and the women of Broad City. Sometimes the mix is off, like when Benson smoked with Geoff Tate, Brandon Wardell, and Ron Funches. There’s an occasional wildcard, like Jack Black, who smoked way more than he could handle.

Despite a few vibe-clashing episodes, Getting Doug With High is essentially a virtual way to roll one up with a few comedians and watch them talk stupid from the safety of your own home. Legalization not required.

Mary Loves Glass

Moms who smoke weed are awesome, but grandmas smoking pot? That’s an entirely different level of cool. As far as cannabis-using grannies go, MaryLovesGlass is in a league of her own.

Mary reviews glass products on a weekly basis and features monthly unboxing videos on various smoker subscription box services. She does all of this while proudly blowing herb, sometimes ending up absolutely stoned in the process.

Aside from regular video reviews, Mary often details her cannabis history and talks preferred ways of consumption, making barely edited footage available for a raw look into her often hilarious smoke session.

Since starting out seven months ago, the quality of Mary's channel has significantly increased. Her popularity is booming, and she’s garnering attention from the media. Don’t let this sweet face fool you. She’s got a comical potty-mouth and recently took her first dab on video like a champ.

420 Science Club

420 Science is a popular smoke shop on the Internet right now, and 420 Science Club hosts Gary and Brandon feature a different item each week to review in-depth, casually speaking on products and their technical parts for around 12 minutes. Gary and Brandon pay impeccable attention to glass detail. The duo usually begin their videos by speaking on the company that produced the featured product, adding visual touches with slow-motion shots of pieces being used.

You'll learn about new glass and accessory companies in the cannabis market, and also pick up info on the industry heads themselves. Gary and Brandon talk about meeting with the inventors of famous companies like Dime Bags and Grav Labs, conduct interviews, and just spill roundtable stories.

The 420 Science Club channel will key you in on the buzz words needed to talk like a glass pro.

Strain Central

Josh over at Strain Central puts a lot of work into his channel. He records videos of himself smoking metric tons of weed—the easy part—then, coherently, answers eternal stoner questions such as, “Are hot knives safe?” and “Does eating make you less high?” In between these informative videos are product reviews on glass pieces Josh has recently received. Strain Central also contains Josh's wake and bake WeedTube series, but the big deal with Strain Central is, obviously, a look at different cannabis strains.

Josh reviews flower, wax, and oil, describing the history of the strain and its flavor, body, appearance, mental feeling, and smoke. He talks in great detail on how the cannabis hits. It’s awesome to just watch Josh’s facial expressions as he takes a hit from an array of delicious herbs.


It’s unfortunate when you search for BuddFeed on YouTube and an auto correction result of BuzzFeed pops up instead, because this girl is awesome.

The BuddFeed channel delivers content in a bright and easygoing manner, similar to BuzzFeed, except for, you know, it's all on the topic of weed. I haven’t figured out the name of the host of this channel, as it’s relatively new and I've only seen it stoned, BuddFeed offers both information and entertainment directed toward millennials and the need for instant gratification.

[Editor's Note: The name of the host is Olivia Alexander.]

Just like BuzzFeed, BuddFeed delivers content in short and engaging bursts. The videos are less than two minutes a piece, easily describing what you need to know in a short time, and that’s that. Reviews of everything and anything goes; the channel has reviewed the MassRoots app, a handful of vaporizers, pot chocolate, and medicated lube. There’s also a few interesting videos on stoner etiquette, a few explanations of stoner lingo, and a sweet how-to section that includes making a pipe out of a strawberry and how to fix dry herb.

Entertaining, informative, and colorful, BuddFeed has the ability to take the WeedTube community by storm, providing their videos keep on keeping on.