Get High and Attend These NorCal Events Before Summer's Over

Lookin' at you, Bae Area.

From the top to the bottom of the Golden State, it’s basically common knowledge that California gets capital L–lit AF. Partly because weed is legal on the left coast. (Dude!) And also partly because, from NorCal to SoCal, and on the Central Coast too, there is a seeming surplus of rad parties, events, festivals, and concerts taking place pretty much all the time. (Sweet!) For the purposes of this list, though, we’re going to focus on things going down in the Northern part of the state.(And because we already hooked you up with hella events happening this month in Southern California.) 

Indeed, with summer basically in its final stretch, there is no time such as the present, with which to assemble one’s squad, team, friends, family, and even that guy, from the place, with the thing––and light these events the F up. From music acts to comedy nights and a cannabis camping weekend on the DL, this list is loaded with some straight fire events. As such, link up with your respective good company, procure some good weed, get lit, and get going. Well, actually, first, just keep scrolling.

Outside Lands Music Festival

Where/When: San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, August 11-13
Why It’s Dope: The Outside Lands festival has a sick lineup of artists, and multiple stages and experiences for three days straight. Acts to be seen include Metallica, The Who, Alt-J, A Tribe Called Quest, Tove Lo, and Future Island, among others. Comics such as Nick Kroll, and the YouTube dweebs behind Epic Rap Battles of History will be providing an assumedly fair amount of laughter. Food trucks. New friends. And literally every costumed, or brightly-colored Instagram-able moment your stoned, millennial heart could desire.

Dark Sky Festival

Where/When: Redding, Lassen Volcanic National Park, August 11-13
Why It’s Dope: The Dark Sky Festival is like regular stargazing, except with a way better view than the one from your roof, and probably a lot more people than would reasonably fit in your backyard. As such, obvi bring hella weed. More than that, though, this star party includes nightly constellation tours, solar telescope viewings, and hiking. Map the stars, meet your soulmate, or go streaking through the night (if you’re a f*cking weirdo, that is). Nonetheless, this sounds like a fun time. 

The Wall Ball

Where/When: Sacramento, C Street Warehouse, August 10-12
Why It’s Dope: Wide Open Walls’ “Wall Ball” is not only fun to say. (And probably the name of a lude sex act.This street art events has attendees watching as artists create large-scale outdoor murals. Wall Ball takes place over three days, and includes art walks and gallery showings, a Bloody Mary brunch, (#hyphy) live music, performance art, and yoga.

Noise Pop’s 20th Street Block Party

Where/When: San Francisco, 20th Street in the Mission, August 19
Why It's Dope: The Mission District is one of SF’s most eclectic neighborhoods. Bump and grind with some of the local characters, catch a live band (Neon Indian, Kilo Kush, Sugar Candy Mountain, etc…) and sample some of the amazing local food. It’s also worth noting, the Mission is rich with worthwhile dispensaries slanging only the highest quality California chronic.

Taco Knockdown

Where/When: San Francisco, The Pearl, August 24
Why It's Dope: Put on by local culture collective Eat, Drink SF––the Taco Knockdown has more than a dozen chefs throwing down for the title of “Best Taco,” which in California, equates to actual street cred. To be honest, though, when it comes to this event, it’s all in the name. All you would have to say is, “Want to go to the Taco Knockdown?” And even if we knew nothing about the food fiesta, we’d be down AF. Any consumption of cannabis only amps up our taco love, FYI.

The Secret Cup

Where/When: San Andreas, August 25-27
Why It’s Dope: The Secret Cup has grown in popularity over the years, despite any elemental secrecy, and for good reason. The Secret Cup is a three-day camping event that showcases the state’s best concentrates, and the top extract artists that will be competing to take home the eponymous Cup. The event also features glass artists, live music, and a complimentary dab bar doling out samples from competing brands and producers. The exact location of the event is, you guessed it, a secret, and only released to ticket holders prior to the event.

The 420 Games

Where/When: San Francisco, August 26
Why It’s Dope: This competitive cannabis-centric athletic event (promise that’s not an oxymoron) brings the weed-inclined together to shake up negative “lazy stoner” stereotypes, and lessen the traditional stigmas given to those who get down on Devil Lettuce. Weedy exhibitors, a 4.20 mile-long run, professional athletes coolin’ under the sun, and other industry heads, make each stop of the 420 Games certifiably lit. Tour stops include LA, SF, Denver, Portland, and Seattle. 

Humboldt County Fair

Where/When: Humboldt County, August 23- September 4.
Why It’s Dope: County fairs embody old-fashioned Americana vibes that make your stoned visit feel like a nosedive through time, space, and nostalgia. The fair includes horse and mule races, a carnival, livestock events, live entertainment, and a surf and turf barbecue competition hosted by Food Networks’ Guy Fieri. For the record, we would go to any event hosted by the legendary, spikey-haired, Donkey Sauce-creating-Fieri, high or otherwise.

The Nacho Festival

Where/When: Sacramento, Cesar Chavez Park, August 26
Why It’s Dope: Because nachos.