Get High And Attend These SoCal Events Before Summer Is Over

Good weed. Good friends. Good vibes. Great times. Get high on these hot summer nights with Hot Nife.

Southern California summers are hot in so many ways. Surely, the lower half of the Golden State knows a thing or two about getting down. And all throughout these saccharine, sunny days, that give way to cool, starry nights––when anything is possible––there is always something to do, or somewhere to be, or some new place to check out, another face to meet. Tupac wasn't kidding. California indeed knows how to party.

From baseball games and concerts, to fire music festivals and classic movies screened on the lawns of cemeteries where the Hollywood elite have been laid to rest; and from Orange County to Downtown Los Angeles, there is no shortage of parties and events at which getting lit is more or less, a pre–requisite.

But like anything worth exploring, or any trouble worth getting into, time is fleeting, and summer ends as quickly as it begins. The good times only last for so long, baby. And while there are still nights on the calendar to cross off and forget, or remember forever, you might as well turn on with some high quality cannabis goods, such as the Hot Nife signature series––which delivers intense pleasure in three variations (Sativa, Hybrid, Indica)––and live it up at the following events, all the way into Fall. 

Avocado Festival

Where/When: Angel City Brewery, Los Angeles. August 5-6, 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.
Why It's So Dope: Perhaps nothing (besides maybe cannabis) is as California, as the avocado. Great in burritos, perfect on toast, the avocado is the life of the party, no matter what else is on your plate. The fest features live music, food, live murals, a beer garden, and the release of a special canned Avocado Ale.
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife’s Hybrid will hold you together, and keep you grounded, when getting high in celebration of the dopest fruit on the food pyramid.

Hard Summer

Where/When: Glen Helen Amphitheater & Regional Park, San Bernardino. August. 5-6.
Why It's So Dope: Violent beats from some of the most sought after DJs of the DTLA underground warehouse dance party scene, breaking into the mainstream. Over the years, the HARD events have evolved as a proving ground of sorts, where up-and-coming producers takeover the decks in order to test out their latest mixes.
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife’s Sativa pen. The fire blend will keep you riding elevated waves; at the perfect level to have some good, clean fun at one of the hardest shows of the entire festival season.

Dodgers Baseball

Where/When: Dodgers Stadium. All the time.
Why It's So Dope: From the first pitch, to the seventh inning stretch, to extra innings, is there any better representation of summer in Los Angeles than the crack of the bat, a fly home run over the fence, or that cool Dodgers blue, and the roar of the crowd reverberating from behind the plate and out through Elysian Park?
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife's Sativa pen will power your every move, and speed up that metabolism, which will translate to you eating more Dodger Dogs.


Where/When: Pasadena Convention Center. August 12-13.
Why It's So Dope: Think Comic Con for cat-lovers, or every cat meme on the Internet come to life. ProTip: Sneak your dog into the event and watch all hell break loose.
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife’s Indica pen will have you chilling hard, blending in with all of the cat people that have converged on the Convention Center to show love for our feline friends.

CicLAvia - San Pedro Meets Wilmington

Where/When: San Pedro to Wilmington. August 13.
Why It's So Dope: Imagine having the entire City of Angels as your own personal playground, or skatepark. This event, which is inspired by a similar street-closing, people-moving, bicycle-peddling gathering in Bogota, Colombia, gets all of LA moving. It’s not as if Ciclavia became the biggest open streets event in the nation by accident.
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife’s Sativa pen will fuel your jaunt across the city, and get you high too.

Bear City Free Comedy And Pizza at Que Sera

Where/When: Que Sera, Long Beach; Aug. 16., 7 p.m.
Why It’s So Dope: Free comedy and pizza; the real question here is, why shouldn’t you go? If laid back hole-in-the-wall bars are your thing, the LBC-located Que Sera’s dim lighting and minimalist design will have you feeling all of the right vibes. Bear City brings top shelf talent to the stage. And even though it bears no repeating, FREE PIZZA, BRO!
Pair the (Pizza) Party With: Pretty much anything.


Where/When: Santa Monica Pier. August 17.
Why It's So Dope: With a sound described by L.A. Weekly as the happy medium between a “shifting electronic soundscape filled with fog,” and something along the lines of a “soothing dub dreaminess,” this L.A.-based girl gang is fully capable of providing the perfect soundtrack for a date night set at sunset on the Santa Monica Pier. Simply put: Warpaint shreds.
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife’s Hybrid, and drift between worlds on waves of rock sounds.

Echo Park Rising

Where/When: Echo Park, Los Angeles. August 17-20; varied times and venues.
Why It's So Dope: Echo Park Rising is a summer highlight for sure. Running for seven years strong, the neighborhood event is part block party, part music festival, and features more than 100 local bands and emerging east side comedians coming together for one of LA’s most fun events of the year. Not to mention, Echo Park Rising is totally free, so even your broke-ass friend Craig, who lives on your couch, can have a good time, and still have enough money to throw down on some weed for the after party.
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife’s Sativa pen, so you’re not facedown on Sunset Blvd. before the sun even goes down.

Long Beach BBQ Festival

Where/When: Rainbow Lagoon Village, Long Beach, August 18-20.
Why It’s So Dope: A traditional barbecue is probably the most OG summer event of all time. Ribs, chicken, your friends, your family, ribs, weed, RIP your favorite white T-shirt.
Pair The Party With: Stay lit on that sub rosa sesh with a Hot Nife Sativa pen, but keep it low key. This is a family event.

Solar Eclipse Viewing at Griffith Observatory

Where/When: Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, Aug. 21; 9 a.m.- noon.
Why It’s So Dope: Mama may have said not to “look into the eyes of the sun,” but that was probably before sunglasses were invented. Or maybe ‘Ma just never looked into the sky during a solar eclipse, from one of the best views in Los Angeles.
Pair The Party With: Whatever’s clever, baby. Summer’s almost over. And the moon just swooped in between the sun and the Earth, you’ve got more important things to focus on. 

Space Jam

Where/When: Oviatt Library Lawn, California State University, Northridge. August 24.
Why It's So Dope: Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes team up in a no-holds bar basketball showdown, against the out-of-this-world Monstars, in what could be Jordan’s greatest act of all time. To that end, Space Jam is arguably one of the most lit films of modern cinema. And to catch it on the grassy Oviatt Library Lawn, on a warm August night, is what weed was made for.
Pair The Party With: Hot Nife’s Hybrid pen will have your aura glowing purple; and thinking “It wasn't a dream, it really happened!”

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