Get High On Weed And Watch These Lit TV Shows

Because we needed another reason to sit in front of the TV.

Historically, the weed world hasn't always been granted fair, or otherwise accurate, representation in popular culture. And television has been no exception.  

Notable marijuana-themed TV show, Weeds, which starred Mary-Louise Parker as a single SoCal mom–turned–accidental–dope–dealer, started out on a high note, and even had a Snoop Dogg cameo. But after a few seasons, the Showtime series devolved into popcorn-nug-like mediocrity, before airing its final episode in 2012. 

Low-key, that was five years ago, and in that time, few cannabis ancillary shows have appealed to audiences en masse, or frankly, lasted more than one season. 

But fear not. Television's golden age is still going down, even if Breaking Bad is done for. And weed is a becoming a part of this T.V. renaissance. So, you'd better roll one up. Or ready your dab, bro. Because here is the list of shows you can currently catch, or that are coming soon to your living room. And they're all (mostly) about marijuana. 


Beginning August 25, Kathy Bates will star as longtime (fictional) marijuana activist Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, in Netflix's Disjointed. Audiences should expect laughter to ensue, as we follow Whitefeather while she navigates the legal weed world, after opening her very own Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. Disjointed co-creator Chuck Lorre––known for his work on successful network comedies Mom, The Big Bang Theory, and Two and a Half Men––may not be a well-known name among weedy circles just yet, but we're hopeful that this Netflix original will be pretty chill.


Viceland’s Weediquette follows journalist Krishna Andavolu as he explores the complexities of modern cannabis. Now with one season under its belt, Weediquette has proven to be as educational, as it is entertaining. Andavolu explores marijuana culture through the lens of a critical thinker, and touches on topics relevant to today's weed-inclined crowd, such as gender equality, parents who smoke, professional athletes treating injuries with cannabis, and weed as medicine for children. 

High Maintenance

"Only in Brooklyn can you smoke pot all day with your friends and call it a preschool for adults."

HBO’s High Maintenance follows the story of a nameless New York pot dealer who delivers his goods via bicycle, to to a colorful, also nameless, client el. An example of a DIY-success story, High Maintenance started out on Vimeo, before eventually landing on HBO, where it has aired for two seasons, and grown a wide-reaching fanbase.


This subversive three-part docu-series takes an in-depth look at marijuana culture in Thailand, and was picked up by Netflix earlier this year. What Highland lacks in production value, it more than makes up for in storytelling, as the show explores the people, places, and events influencing marijuana policy in Thailand, and the community of users that call the country home. Highland is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

The High Court

Sure, Doug Benson and weed go together like PB +J (and weed). By now this is common knowledge, so it should come as no surprise that Benson, who already runs the popular weedy YouTube series Getting Doug with High, now hosts a show that feels like it is partly inspired by Judge Judy, and partly something a bunch of high AF comedians would do. On The High Court, actual small claims court cases are heard in “the highest court in the land” by high-as-hell judge Benson, who is joined by his comedy friends, such as Michael Ian Black as the bailiff. 

Broad City

While this show is not technically about weed, Broad City protagonists Abbi and Ilana often find themselves getting into, and subsequently out of,  rather strange situations––usually while being high AF. 

The two smoke so much pot throughout the show, that Broad City has earned a spot on this list, and can also call famous stoner comedian Hannibal Buress, a recurring guest star. The girls' fuck-it attitudes combined with lots of weed are sure to concoct comedy gold. Broad City will begin its fourth season on Comedy Central on September 13.