Giant, Inflatable Joints Take Over Philadelphia Democratic Convention

Well, that's one way to spark up a cannabis conversation.

Advocates for marijuana legalization marched Monday, with two large, inflatable joints, as the Democratic National Convention kicked off in Philadelphia. As reported by PhillyMag, the out-loud activism is the work of pro-pot group DCMJ—a District of Columbia marijuana-rights organization. 

The inflatable-though-not-inhalable, jay-birds seemed to have been captioned "Berned by the DNC," and "End the Racist Drug War," and had previously made a scene in Washington D.C., and New York City. The joints are a shock-and-awe attempt to spark up the cannabis conversation among mainstream voters.

Earlier this month, Democrats approved amendments to the party platform that would put pot on a pathway to legalization.

Maybe an inflatable Philly blunt would have been more appropriate? How about a giant, inflatable Illadelph bong?

Nice effort, DCMJ, but you have plenty of room to step up your game.