Go Back In Time With Ilana Glazer's 'Time Traveling Bong'

This 4/20, Comedy Central presents a miniseries titled Time Traveling Bong. All right, we're on board. The little show comes from the minds of Broad City's Ilana Glazer (naturally) and comedian Paul W. Downs—the creepy trainer overlord at the smug fitness center that employs Abbi. 

The first of three episodes premieres after the Season 3 finale of Broad City. As you can tell by the trailer, the two stoner pals are cursed with the problem that affects all time travelers: Their vessel breaks, and they can't get back to now!

Sure, it's been done a million times, but so have situation comedies based on two girls who are friends, and this one, like Broad City, looks fun as hell.

Also, time has moved on from when fictional characters went back into the past before; so it's fresh.